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In order to determine the shoe right for you, we will take you through our The Running Depot fit. Just like your physician, the staff at The Running Depot follows a 4 step assessment process known as SOAP in order to help find the best shoe. This stands for SUBJECTIVE (history), OBJECTIVE (physical exam and supporting tests), ASSESSMENT (diagnosis) and PLAN (treatment and test).

(1) Subjective = History:

Our staff will ask questions to assess your specific foot’s requirements. What type of exercise you do? What are your training goals? What is your injury history? What have you worn in the past? Your biomechanics, training goals, distance you run, and the running surface? These all influence your footwear needs.

(2) Objective = exam of gait and supporting tests

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Our staff will start by accurately measuring foot length and width as well as arch type.

Our Digital Foot Analysis will show precisely how the pressure is distributed throughout your feet. If you have a history of injuries, or problems such as bunions, sensitive areas, etc., or you wear custom orthotics, it will affect your specific needs. All of these factors will be taken into consideration.

Our staff has been trained to recognize subtle changes in gait that allow us to assess your degree of pronation. This is a key factor in determining the amount of stability or motion control your shoes need to offer. We also have certified coaches on staff that use slow motion video technology to analyze your running gait to help you become more efficient and potentially decrease your risk of injury.

(3) Assessment = Diagnosis

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Based on your biomechanics, history, and tests, our staff will determine your specific footwear requirements.

(4) Plan = Take them for a spin:

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Based on the information gathered, we will develop your footwear plan. We bring out shoes that will best meet your needs. Yet, all of the analysis and technology takes a back seat to how the shoe feels and if they make your feet happy! You will take the shoes for a spin on our treadmill or runway and give us your feedback. Based on your feedback and mechanics, we will get the perfect pair for you!

If you change, your shoe requirements may change!

Depending on your fitness goals, age, weight, and injury history, your shoe requirements may change! The Running Depot recommends that you do The Running Depot fit with every pair of shoes to help prevent problems. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

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